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Greer Howland Smith


New York, NY


Greer Howland Smith is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a broad range of mediums including paint, installation, biotech (DNA and bacteria) and performance art. Themes she regularly addresses include current issues concerning biotechnology, social media, politics and feminism.

"In the Lab" examines the convergence of art, science and religion and how modern science may be displacing traditional religion in aspects of our everyday lives. It offers an artistic depiction of a scientific laboratory, the tool at the centre of scientific (and human?) progress.

"TechNomad" is a series based on technology and how people present themselves, their belongings and their lives in digital form.  Howland Smith is interested in the idea that, while social media has dramatically altered the means through which a person presents themselves to the world, what a person communicates has not changed.  I.e., diet, habitat, attractiveness, wealth, etc.  We use social media to broadcast to the world our best, most positive attributes, ultimately in a rudimentary effort to be socially accepted, get ahead professionally and attract a mate and reproduce.  The world is increasingly becoming one of "survival of the most 'likes'".

Greer Howland Smith has a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) from the The University of Edinburgh where she also studied History of Art. She wrote her dissertation on the intersection of biotechnology and art. Greer also attended Saga Art College in Kyoto, Japan where she studied tapestry. Greer was born in the United States of America and has lived abroad for 20 years. She moved to New York City in February 2020.

Her work has been featured in Monocle Magazine, W Magazine, South China Morning Post and Home Journal.